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What is the Best Frozen Quick Pizza Dough?Prepared Quick Pizza Dough Traders

One of the best companies in the field of production and sales of Quick Pizza Dough is this company. There are different types of pizza cheese and the main type is based on cow’s milk. Pizza cheese is white, but sometimes it turns yellow based on the animal’s diet. Pizza cheese is a semi-solid cheese in terms of texture. In general, two types of pizza cheese are produced in Iran; the first type is pastafila or mozzarella, which is actually the main pizza cheese, and the second type is pizza process cheese, in which the fat and protein used in it are of dairy origin (such as butter, casein, and caseinate). But in its plant type, its source of fat, plant, and protein is dairy.

Quick Pizza Dough Traders

What is the Best Frozen Quick Pizza Dough?

What is the Best Frozen Quick Pizza Dough?Pizza dough is prepared in different ways and you can make pizza dough at home with the help of yeast or without the use of yeast. In the recipe for making pizza dough without yeast, flour, milk, salt, vinegar, liquid oil, and vinegar are used, which is one of the easiest ways to make pizza dough. Pizza dough and pizza cheese are some of the most important ingredients for making a variety of pizzas that you can easily prepare at home by following the hygiene tips. Ingredients for quick pizza dough no yeast:

  • Milk or lukewarm water: a glass
  • Flour: Two glasses
  • Salt: A little
  • Liquid oil: half a glass
  • Baking Powder: A tablespoon of jam
  • Vinegar: a tablespoon

To make pizza dough without the use of yeast, first, pour the flour into a suitable container and open the middle of the flour, then pour the liquid oil and milk or lukewarm water in the middle of the flour. Then pour the baking powder into a suitable container, then mix the vinegar and baking powder together, and after mixing the baking powder and vinegar mixture, pour them in the middle of the flour and from the sides, gradually mix the flour with the mixture of ingredients in the middle. Mix the flour and mix all the ingredients well. If the pizza dough is loose after kneading, add some flour to it; note that this type of dough should be sticky. In the next step, put cellophane on the pizza dough dish so that the dough does not dry out, then place the dough in a suitable place for 20 minutes so that the dough rests.

Prepared Quick Pizza Dough Traders

Prepared Quick Pizza Dough TradersHow to make the best quick pizza dough at home is not difficult at all. If you know how to do this, you can easily make a delicious dough in a short time and arrange a degree dinner for yourself or put the dough in the freezer and then make a delicious and excellent pizza with it. Get the right time. Ingredients for making pizza dough at home include:

  • Three-quarters of a measure of lukewarm water
  • A teaspoon of yeast;
  • Two-dimensional versatile flour (you may need to add more flour);
  • Half or a teaspoon of salt.

Dissolve the dough in water. Pour the water into a medium-sized bowl or bowl to mix. Mix the dough and water together and give it 3 to 5 minutes to dissolve the dough in the water. Add salt, water and yeast dissolved in water to the flour to form a dough. Knead the dough for 5 minutes to make a smooth, slightly sticky dough ball that stretches. If the dough sticks to your hand or bowl and looks like a balloon gum, it’s a good idea to add a tablespoon of flour, but you may need to repeat this several times to make it easier to work with. Remember not to use it too much. After making the dough, you have a few choices:

  • Use the dough immediately

If you are in a hurry, use the dough immediately after making it. But remember that the dough does not swell, and if you make the pizza with it, you will have a thin and crispy dough.

  • Let the dough rest for 1 to 1.5 hours

Clean the dough mixing bowl, then lightly grease the bowl and grease the dough with olive oil. Return the dough to the bowl, cover and wait an hour to an hour and a half for the dough to puff.

  • Store the dough in the freezer

Grease the dough and the dish you want to keep with a little olive oil. You can keep the dough in the freezer for up to 3 days. If you have enough time, let the dough cook for 30 minutes before freezing, then place it in the freezer.

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